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How Effective Are Custom Vinyl Signs

How Effective Are Custom Vinyl Signs?

Custom Vinyl Signs Toronto

Custom vinyl signs offer you the opportunity to create an affordable, convenient sign for your business or project. Vinyl signs are often printed on thin vinyl and can be stuck to virtually any surface. From signs in your shop windows to decals on your car, vinyl signs offer the versatility and convenience that small business owners crave.

So, just how effective are vinyl signs? Here’s a breakdown of the benefits of creating vinyl signs and decals for your business:

· Increase brand awareness

Custom vinyl signs are an affordable way to increase your brand awareness. By creating vinyl decals and placing them on the windows of your shop or in other locations in your community, you are increasing your brand awareness. You are extending your reach to hundreds, maybe thousands of people. The goal is to keep your business top-of-mind so that when a customer’s needs change and they are searching for a product or service you provide, your business will be the first place that comes to mind.

· Build loyalty and trust in your community

By installing custom vinyl decals on your business or personal vehicle, your car becomes a travelling billboard for your business. Not only is this advertising inexpensive, but it can help build loyalty and trust in your business. As you travel through your community, prospective customers will see your ads and recognize you as a local business. However, for vehicle ads, it is crucial that you always drive responsibly; any driving errors can reflect on your business.

· Affordable advertising

Large, illuminated custom signs are often made from expensive materials and require a great deal of work to design and produce. Custom vinyl decals are an affordable and convenient alternative. This allows you the opportunity to change your sign and adapt if it is not generating the results you expected. Vinyl decals offer much more room for error, and their versatile design makes them great for business owners who need inexpensive, no-frills signs.

· Convenient design and quick installation process

Thanks to its versatile design, creating and installing these custom vinyl decals is a simple process. Most of them are simply peel-and-stick designs that can be removed with a bit of heat. For your car or your shop windows, it is easy to replace a decal whenever necessary.

How to Maximize the Effectiveness of Your Custom Sign

While the benefits of custom vinyl signs are abundant, it is crucial that you do everything you can to maximize the effectiveness of your signs. Like any other advertising, it is important to get your signs in front of people and inspire them to enter your store or engage with your products and services. Here are a few tips on how you can optimize the effectiveness of your custom vinyl signs and see significant results in terms of customer engagement:

· Make sure it is easy to read

If your prospective clients and customers cannot read your sign, it is very difficult to get them to come into your store. With that in mind, there are a few ways you can make your sign legible and easy for customers to read with a quick glance. First, ensure the sign is large enough to be seen from a distance. If it is in your shop window, you want to make sure people can read it from across the road. Also, be sure to choose a font and style that is legible. While being creative and unique can have its benefits, strive for clarity with all of your creative decisions.

· Coordinate your colours

Custom vinyl signs offer you the ability to choose the colours used in your sign. This presents a great opportunity for you to either coordinate your colours based on your logo or create a sign with bold, vibrant colours that will attract the eyes of prospective customers. Digital printing on vinyl offers absolute control over the colour palette of your sign, so you can ensure your colours are as bold and stylish as you want.

· Choose a distinct theme

Like your colours, you can also choose a theme for your sign. Whether this is tailored to your business itself or to an individual advertising campaign, a theme can help your sign stand out and make your business visible. Consider drawing on the most visually appealing aspects of your business and create a theme revolving around them. For example, a mechanic may design a sign with a vintage car on it, while a dentist may create a sign in the shape of a large tooth. There are countless options available, so feel free to get creative.

· Get your sign in front of people

Obviously, if your sign is not in an ideal location, it won’t be seen by anyone. To maximize its effectiveness, you have to make sure you get your sign in front of people in order to draw in possible customers. Custom vinyl signs and decals on your shop window are easy to install and replace, and they will draw the gaze of passersby with the hope of drawing new customers into your store. Also, consider installing a custom vinyl decal on your vehicle. When placed on the side doors, these vinyl decals act as cheap advertising for your company, which can promote your business to people throughout your local community.

· Consider small vinyl decals and stickers

Custom vinyl signs do not have to be large and complex advertisements for your business. Many small businesses and local shops are opting for small decals and stickers with their logo on them. These stickers can be placed virtually anywhere, so you can attempt your own guerilla-advertising campaign.

Why Us?

At New Style Signs, we offer vinyl decals and other custom signs in Toronto and the GTA. For over 50 years, we have been working with architects, designs, other creative professionals to design some of the most effective custom signs in Toronto.

For more information about our custom signs, call us at 905-363-0101 or explore our website here.

Vinyl Signs for Business

Why Vinyl Signs Are a Must For Your Business

Signage has long been an easy and affordable way to get your message out there. Whether it’s a brand ad, a product or even an event, signs placed in a prominent position with plenty of traffic were guaranteed to get you noticed day after day.

Many businesses have gotten caught up in the digital age and have invested more money in digital advertising, missing out on the benefits of traditional printed signage. In fact, advances in digital print production have helped greatly improve the impact of the custom vinyl signs Toronto businesses use to bring persuasive messaging to customers. There are still many benefits to us in some form of signage in your ad campaigns, especially vinyl banners.

Impact on Colour

Advances in printing the custom vinyl signs Toronto businesses use have made it easier to bring your logos and artwork to life. This is a must when it comes to advertising, since misrepresentation of your true brand colours can negatively affect your marketing efforts. The colours used in your signage play a key role in brand recognition, making true colour matches an important aspect of signage.

With the introduction of digital printing, you can be confident that the quality of your vinyl signs will provide you with the vibrancy you need to make an impression. We can achieve stunning colour quality with accurate colours that can hit millions of shades. This means your brand colours will be pristine and your brand integrity will not be compromised.

Long Lasting Vinyl

There are many sub-straits you can choose for traditional print advertising including assorted types of paper products, cloth and vinyl. Nothing will provide you with the same quality or durability that vinyl offers. This is even more important if you are hanging your signage outdoors where the addition of wind, rain and sun can really take its toll on your signage.

The custom vinyl signs Toronto businesses use offer durability regardless of what the weather throws at you. Vinyl is extremely durable, especially when compared to paper and cloth which are prone to tear. They also do not offer the water repellant properties of vinyl. Your vinyl banner will still be waving regardless of winds, heat, rain, sleet, snow or any combination Toronto weather might bring on.

Reusable Vinyl

Because your vinyl signs are so durable, they are a perfect choice if you wish to reuse your signage. This is ideal for annual events for example, where you can store your signs and pull them out when the event rolls around next year. They will not tear or fade making them ideal for use year after year.

The custom vinyl signs Toronto prefers are also available with UV-resistant ink which will help maintain the brilliance of your colours for years. This is a cost-effective solution that allows you to invest more money in colour and quality in order to have a high-quality sign that provides use from event to event. (or even additional ad dollars towards that online marketing you love.)

Multiple Uses

Vinyl banners are not only perfect to add impact to your advertising efforts, but there are also multiple places they can be displayed. Whether you are advertising, directing people to certain areas for large open area events or want to draw people to attend an event or purchase a product, vinyl signs provide a customizable, reusable option that is affordable and effective.

Here are four common uses for the custom vinyl signs Toronto communities and businesses use:

Building Front: Toronto has no shortage of buildings and whether it’s your own property, or properties perfectly positioned to attract more foot traffic, finding the right spot can be easy. You might have to check with your property management to make sure you aren’t breaking any rules, but if you can get that vinyl sign hanging in a high traffic area, you are certain to gain some views by people who have wearily travelled the same route day after day without any changes. A sudden pop of colour will certainly catch their attention. Don’t be afraid to ask building management companies about this opportunity as most businesses are willing to earn a buck any way they can!

Stages: Watch for opportunities to hang your signs at local events from outdoor concerts to festivals. Many events, even smaller community events, would welcome the ad dollars, and in fact sometimes will even let you do it for free if it fits in with the event. This can get exposure to thousands of people depending on the size of the event, although larger events are probably already taken over by the big corporate advertisers and sponsors.

Overpasses: If you live in Toronto you know how much views an event banner gets draped over the overpasses of the Don Valley Parkway. The DVP is not the only high traffic area to consider. Any high-traffic area can work, and it also allows you to strategically target your audience. Although you get both local and outside of area traffic on Toronto’s highways, it’s the day to day traffic you want to capture and depending on your messaging, hitting other traffic is just a bonus. You also want to be certain you are not just randomly hanging your signs as you want to avoid breaking any rules. Most municipalities are happy to discuss your request, or you can work through your ad agency to hunt down spots where overpass advertising is allowed.

Athletic Arenas & Fields: Anywhere a sporting event takes place can get attention for your business. Whether it be kids’ soccer fields or local arenas and major sporting events, there is often an opportunity to advertise. Just make sure you are hitting the right target audience based on the fans and/or spectator profiles.

The custom vinyl signs Toronto businesses use still have the pull and high profile required to get you noticed.

New Style Signs can help you create the professional grade custom vinyl signs Toronto businesses use. To learn more, call us at 866-591-6938 or contact us here.