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Vinyl Signs for Business

Why Vinyl Signs Are a Must For Your Business

Signage has long been an easy and affordable way to get your message out there. Whether it’s a brand ad, a product or even an event, signs placed in a prominent position with plenty of traffic were guaranteed to get you noticed day after day.

Many businesses have gotten caught up in the digital age and have invested more money in digital advertising, missing out on the benefits of traditional printed signage. In fact, advances in digital print production have helped greatly improve the impact of the custom vinyl signs Toronto businesses use to bring persuasive messaging to customers. There are still many benefits to us in some form of signage in your ad campaigns, especially vinyl banners.

Impact on Colour

Advances in printing the custom vinyl signs Toronto businesses use have made it easier to bring your logos and artwork to life. This is a must when it comes to advertising, since misrepresentation of your true brand colours can negatively affect your marketing efforts. The colours used in your signage play a key role in brand recognition, making true colour matches an important aspect of signage.

With the introduction of digital printing, you can be confident that the quality of your vinyl signs will provide you with the vibrancy you need to make an impression. We can achieve stunning colour quality with accurate colours that can hit millions of shades. This means your brand colours will be pristine and your brand integrity will not be compromised.

Long Lasting Vinyl

There are many sub-straits you can choose for traditional print advertising including assorted types of paper products, cloth and vinyl. Nothing will provide you with the same quality or durability that vinyl offers. This is even more important if you are hanging your signage outdoors where the addition of wind, rain and sun can really take its toll on your signage.

The custom vinyl signs Toronto businesses use offer durability regardless of what the weather throws at you. Vinyl is extremely durable, especially when compared to paper and cloth which are prone to tear. They also do not offer the water repellant properties of vinyl. Your vinyl banner will still be waving regardless of winds, heat, rain, sleet, snow or any combination Toronto weather might bring on.

Reusable Vinyl

Because your vinyl signs are so durable, they are a perfect choice if you wish to reuse your signage. This is ideal for annual events for example, where you can store your signs and pull them out when the event rolls around next year. They will not tear or fade making them ideal for use year after year.

The custom vinyl signs Toronto prefers are also available with UV-resistant ink which will help maintain the brilliance of your colours for years. This is a cost-effective solution that allows you to invest more money in colour and quality in order to have a high-quality sign that provides use from event to event. (or even additional ad dollars towards that online marketing you love.)

Multiple Uses

Vinyl banners are not only perfect to add impact to your advertising efforts, but there are also multiple places they can be displayed. Whether you are advertising, directing people to certain areas for large open area events or want to draw people to attend an event or purchase a product, vinyl signs provide a customizable, reusable option that is affordable and effective.

Here are four common uses for the custom vinyl signs Toronto communities and businesses use:

Building Front: Toronto has no shortage of buildings and whether it’s your own property, or properties perfectly positioned to attract more foot traffic, finding the right spot can be easy. You might have to check with your property management to make sure you aren’t breaking any rules, but if you can get that vinyl sign hanging in a high traffic area, you are certain to gain some views by people who have wearily travelled the same route day after day without any changes. A sudden pop of colour will certainly catch their attention. Don’t be afraid to ask building management companies about this opportunity as most businesses are willing to earn a buck any way they can!

Stages: Watch for opportunities to hang your signs at local events from outdoor concerts to festivals. Many events, even smaller community events, would welcome the ad dollars, and in fact sometimes will even let you do it for free if it fits in with the event. This can get exposure to thousands of people depending on the size of the event, although larger events are probably already taken over by the big corporate advertisers and sponsors.

Overpasses: If you live in Toronto you know how much views an event banner gets draped over the overpasses of the Don Valley Parkway. The DVP is not the only high traffic area to consider. Any high-traffic area can work, and it also allows you to strategically target your audience. Although you get both local and outside of area traffic on Toronto’s highways, it’s the day to day traffic you want to capture and depending on your messaging, hitting other traffic is just a bonus. You also want to be certain you are not just randomly hanging your signs as you want to avoid breaking any rules. Most municipalities are happy to discuss your request, or you can work through your ad agency to hunt down spots where overpass advertising is allowed.

Athletic Arenas & Fields: Anywhere a sporting event takes place can get attention for your business. Whether it be kids’ soccer fields or local arenas and major sporting events, there is often an opportunity to advertise. Just make sure you are hitting the right target audience based on the fans and/or spectator profiles.

The custom vinyl signs Toronto businesses use still have the pull and high profile required to get you noticed.

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Signs to attract customers

3 Tips for Creating Signs That Attract Customers

3 Tips for Creating Signs That Attract Customers

A sign for your business can be a very effective way to draw in customers. It’s known that customers are more likely to visit a store if there is a sign present, even if they had no intention of doing so initially. Visual cues help customers form a memory of your business. There are deeper regions of the brain that respond to visual stimulation. It’s possible to influence how in the moment decisions are made with effective designs.

  1. Shape and colour

There are psychological reasons behind how people react to colours. If you want to achieve a certain feeling with your retail sign, it’s important to pay attention to the colours you use and how they blend together. Colour can be inviting and stimulating or even repulsive if used in the wrong combination.

Although some sources argue that response to colour is dependent on personal preference and upbringing, it’s generally accepted that colour choice and complementary colours impact the overall feeling you convey. For instance, red is said to conjure feelings of excitement and stimulation, while blue produces feelings of calm. Yellow is associated with feelings of happiness, and green with feelings of harmony and peace.

The shapes used are the other abstract elements of design to consider. Different types of shapes produce varied unconscious responses. Which ones you choose to use in your sign will help convey your overall message or feeling. Think about the kind of person you are appealing to and which emotional responses would be most desirable for them to take the next step to making a purchase.

Rounded or circular shapes will convey feelings of togetherness and community. This is a practical choice if you are trying to present a message of support, care, or warmth. The softness of these types of shapes reminds us subconsciously of inclusiveness and friendship. On the other hand, shapes with straight edges and sharp points give a feeling of professionalism, efficiency, and stability. These will be a better choice if you want to appeal to more goal driven customers.

Putting them together in your design, these two elements of colour and shape can present complex messages without saying a word. The benefit of utilizing this is that there is no extra effort needed to process these elements. A customer won’t have to read and decipher the meaning, and they will instantly get an idea of what you’re business can offer them just by looking at the colours and shapes.

  1. Tell a story

It is essential that your sign create cognitive impact. Beyond abstract elements that convey feeling, you’re going to need to add another layer to your message that tells your story. There are several ways to do this effectively that will capture your customer’s attention.

To keep eyes on the sign, you need dynamic movement. This means that as the eyes scan the sign, following the shapes will naturally pull them to the keywords or elements. The image makes you want to look from one side of the sign to the other and back again. The key elements will naturally be focused on the center of the path that your eyes follow. This way, no extra effort is needed to find the crucial parts. Just looking at the sign will tell you everything you need to know without searching.

It’s not a secret that the average customer attention span is shrinking, and there are about 8 seconds to make your point before they lose interest and move on. The quicker your customer can take everything in, the better. This also affects the emotional response that a sign has. Retail signs that are difficult to read might cause a small amount of frustration.

The storytelling aspect of your sign is also important. This answers the questions a customer might have like: What is the purpose of this business? What are they selling? How will it affect me if I buy it? Addressing these questions in a clear and straightforward way will help your customer get an idea of your business that they’ll take with them, even if they don’t come inside the first time they see it.

A message will be more effective when repeated. If there is a specific word that you want to stand out, consider repeating it 2-3 times. This can also work if you’re planning to make several variations of the sign and have them posted in multiple places. Seeing a sign repeatedly causes a sense of familiarity to develop and increase the likelihood that it will be noticed. Focus on saying less and repeating yourself instead of choosing wordy messages to put on your sign.

  1. Persuasive words

Some words are more potent than others. Carefully choosing the words on your retail sign can make a huge difference in the impact it makes. As an essential guide, the five most compelling words to use are you, free, because, instantly, and new. Using these simple words in emotionally charged phrases give a customer a more visceral impression of what your message is expressing, whether it is trust, security, excitement, amazement, or interest.

Along with word choice, there are some powerful ideas you can integrate into your message. First, there is reciprocity, which means if you are willing to give something to someone, they’re more willing to give something back. By conveying a feeling of generosity, customers will feel valued and be more willing to give back to the business in the form of a sale.

Next is scarcity, which is the idea that the more exclusive and rare an item is, the more desirable it becomes. Authority is built by credibility. Having something to back up your claims or even including testimonials helps develop trust in your ability to solve your customer’s problem.

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